• DAB MK6 Rainsaver RS6-Jetcom82MPCI Kit

DAB MK6 Rainsaver RS6-Jetcom82MPCI Kit

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Technopolymer 600W Electronic Self Priming Jet Pump with Auto Restart
6 Taps, 460 kPa, 60 L/m
Supplied as a kit for assembly
Control Features:
  • Proven components
  • Requires no power supply and consumes no electrical energy
  • Designed to operate with pumps and mains up to 1000 kPa (145 psi)
  • Pump flows to 105 l/m, mains flows to 40 l/m (at 500kPa mains)
  • Designed to further save water resources by reducing incoming mains to 200 kPa
  • Requires no weather proofing
  • Can be mounted any distance from the pump underground or inside a tank
  • Completely waterproof - Can be hosed down without the fear of electrocution
  • UV stabilised technopolymer for long life and good looks
  • All Rainsaver MK6 pumps are independently controlled to regulate flows and pressures whilst protecting the pump against voltage fluctuations, loss of water and incorporate a 24 hour automatic pump restart
  • WaterMark approved components for connection to all Town Water supplies. Safe against water borne bacteria, dezincification and lead poisoning
  • No unsightly controller power, water level float cables or the need for a dedicated controller power point
  • Australian owned and designed

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