Bianco Rainsaver Controller (MK4E)

9.00 KGS
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The Rainsaver (controller Only) MK4E supplies clean rainwater from a rainwater tank via an automatic pressure system pump to toilets, laundry and garden taps in a household. Mains water is also connected to the RAINSAVER MK4E as an automatic back up should rain water level be too low, or if there is a power or pump failure. Should there be a pump failure, mains back up is achieved by turning the RAINSAVER MK4E off at the power point. The low voltage float switch supplied prevents the pump from running dry and allows automatic switch over to the mains supply should the rain water level in the tank be too low.

General Specifications
* Controls pumps to a maximum: 1.5hp,1.1kw 240volt
* Max. water temperature (mains + pump):40'C
* Max.recommended continuous pump flow: 100 litres per minute
* Max. recommended pump pressure: 800kpa
* Max. recommended mains inlet pressure: 800kpa
* Low voltage float switch output 12v
* Low voltage float switch cable 10 metres
* Power supply lead 2 metres
* 2 year in-field warranty,see installation and operating manual for details

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