Benefits of ECO Variable Speed Pool Pumps

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Pool pump manufacturers now offer Energy Efficient Pumps which can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill.

Your conventional range of pool pumps are limited to one set speed. A pool pump is usually sized to cater for the pool’s maximum water flow requirements, which may either be the sand filter’s backwash water flow or to provide sufficient water flow to operate a suction cleaner.

As the speed of a conventional pump cannot be changed, the same maximum water flow is applied for the pool’s various flow requirements.

With a Eco Pool Pump 3 speed / variable speed model, they cater for most pool functions:

    High speed - Vacuuming and backwash – 1% of the time
    Medium speed - Automatic pool cleaners
    Low speed - Filtration – 99% of the time

As a pool’s filtration cycle occupies 99% of the run time of a pool pump, you can operate the Eco Pump on its low-speed setting for a majority of its running time, leading to significant energy savings.

Typical Example of how much you can save :-

Typical 0.75hp Pool Pump                                             ECO Variable Speed Pool Pump (1400RPM)

Running 8hrs / day                                                      Running 8hrs / day

Electricity Cost $0.20 per KHW                                      Electricity Cost $0.20 per KHW

Running Cost Per Day $1.14                                          Running Cost Per Day $0.26

Running Cost Per Year $417.56                                      Running Cost Per Year $93.44

Total Savings - $324.12 = 77.62%

By operating it at low-speed Eco Pool Pumps can slash its energy use by up to 70%!

Benefits of Slow Flow :

Lowering a pumps flow rate not only significantly decreases the pump’s energy requirements, but also reduces water flow resistance in your pool equipment and plumbing. Even though you may need to operate the Eco Pool Pump longer, it is far more efficient pumping low water flow compared to high water flow.

A slow flow rate also has the added benefit of improving your pool’s filtration efficiency, enhancing the clarity of your swimming pool water. Plus your automatic chemical dosers and salt chlorinators are also more effective when the pool water is circulated longer.

Ultra Quiet Operation:

Most Energy Efficient ECO Pool Pumps operate most economically and with the lowest noise level at its low speed setting. Its low speed setting significantly reduces the pump’s vibration, motor noise and water turbulence to an ultra low 64.5 decibels (dBA).

Off-Peak Operation:

Energy Efficient Pool Pups  low noise levels enable it to be operated at times that are not allowable for conventional pool pumps. A Multiple Speed Eco Pool Pump will allow you to take advantage of off-peak electrical tariff periods, without upsetting your neighbors.


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