Onga Homemaster Pump Range

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Just Water Pumps offers a wide range of Onga home master pumps, controls and accessories to provide the best in household water supply for urban rainwater harvesting applications. 

The Onga Homemaster pump range is available in several types: 

Onga JM Jet Assisted Pumps:

The Onga JMM100 is an all moulded pressure system complete with Minipress. This is an economical household pressure system incorporating all the usual performance and reliability features of Onga. Like all jet pumps, the suction inlet is high on the pump body to enhance self-priming and air handling capabilities. 

Onga JS Jet Assisted Pumps:

The Onga JS Pump range of household pressure systems feature strong stainless steel pump casings with precision moulded jet, venturi and impeller for efficiency and great performance under high suction lift applications. These Australian made pumps are mounted on a stable, moulded base for protection from corrosion and feature totally enclosed fan cooled motors. 

Onga SMHP Multistage Pumps: 

Onga's SMHP multistage pumps are perfect for providing great pressure in a compact package. The five SMHP models offer low noise and efficiency in a strong and proven design. 

Onga WaterSwitch:

The Onga Waterswitch provides the best possible solution for the urban water market. It provides automatic selection between rain water and mains water depending on availability of water within the tank. This enables the household to maximise tank use and minimise mains water usage, ensuring a continuous, cost effective supply of water without fuss. 

Onga Dominator Submersible 

The Onga dominator pump range changes the rules for household pressure. Submerged in the tank, operation is near silent. It shares its pump components with the highly respected Sta-rite signature 2000 submersible borehole range for proven high efficiency and reliability. 


Onga Enviromaster: 

Onga's Enviromaster is a variable speed pump that easily handles the demands of an urban or rural household. Thanks to the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) the motor runs at a speed according to demand, making it highly efficient, cost effective and quiet when operating. 


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