Why buy a Davey Pump..?

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Davey is a very well known Australian water products manufacturing company and  is one of the most highly respected brands in the world. Davey Pumps boast a longstanding reputation for outstanding quality, durability and reliable performance. They’re designed for long-term performance in extreme climates, which means they can handle even the most unexpected of conditions. Davey Pumps develop and markets quality water pumps for homes, businesses and farms, fire and flood protection, rainwater harvesting, swimming pool and community needs. Davey pumps have a very powerful design which is sufficient to perform tough tasks easily. These pumps have a long life and are therefore considered to be very reliable, which is why Davey is highly asked for when upgrading or buying a new pump.

Davey's range of water products are endless, Their most popular pumping categories offered include: Household pumps, Firefighter pumps, Drainage / Sump Pumps, Farm / Irrigation Pumps, Pool Pumps and Transfer Pumps.

Thinking of buying a new Davey Household pump..?

Davey are the preferred brand for consumers when looking for a household pump. Davey's Household pump range are designed for all house sizes and layouts, from small to large, single storey or multi-storey, the Davey household pressure pumps offer an efficient water solution for your home. Davey household pressure pump prices are sure to suit any budget so browse there extended range to find what you need.

Need to move lots of water..??

Davey transfer pumps play a very important role in removing unwanted water in huge volumes. Davey has designed pumps with the capacity to move out up to thousand litres per minute. These water gushers are good for pumping out waste water as well, dirty water with some amount of solids can also be pumped out easily with the help of these pumps. These pumps are made up of good quality material which is corrosion resistant.

Are you in a bushfire proned area..??

Davey Firefighter Pumps - Protect what matters most with Davey petrol driven single and twin stage fire pumps for firefighting and water transfer around properties and farms. For places where power may not be easily available Davey Firefighters ®  are the ideal fire pump for the job. Davey have a choice of 27 models in the petrol range alone with varying engine sizes and the option of three or four way outlets. Davey firefighter pumps also adhere to the proposed Australian emissions standards.

Need to move excess or floodwater..?? 

Davey submersible pumps are used for drainage applications from a sump pit. A sump pit, commonly found in the home basement, is a man made pit in the ground to collect water. The water may enter from drains funneling into the pit, or may arrive from natural ground water in the earth. Davey sump pumps are installed mostly where basement flooding is a issue.  They pump water away from the house to any place where it no longer presents a hazard, such as a municipal storm drain or dry well. Other common applications are on a building / construction site or around the home, i.e pumping out a swimming pool et

Are you looking for the quietest pool pump on the market..?

The name says it all... Davey Silensor. The patented water-cooled motor makes Silensor so quiet, you can use it at any time of the day or night. The range offers an optional extra large leaf basket for fewer cleans, giving you the perfect single speed pool pump for any residential use. The Davey Silensor range of Swimming Pool Pumps uses a unique to Davey water-cooled motor for super quiet operation with high efficiency. With a 'plastic' outer casing, the Davey Silensor is not effected by chemical water splashes like other pool pumps, come in either large or small leaf basket models and are so quiet you can run them at any time, day or night, without upsetting the neighbours. With models starting from 1hp all the way to 2.4hp, with large pressure rating up to 24metres head, and flow rates to 460litres per minute, the Davey Silensor can comfortably run filtration systems, cleaners and backwash residential media filters with ease.



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