Claytech Bluediver C30A & Acquasaver

12.00 KGS
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ClayTechês CMSC30A1¾provides the convenience of automatic selection between your tank water and mains water. The ClayTech Management System (CMS) will ensure water is drawn from your tank when avialable, however when your tank is empty and during power outages it automatically transfers to your mains water supply.

This package includes ClayTechês BlueDiver 30 in-tank pump, AquaTron pressure controller and AquaSaver rain-to-mains diversion valve with wall bracket.¾Features include:

  • automatic switching between tank water and mains water.
  • quiet running which only a submersible tank pump can provide.
  • a float to control the starting and stopping of pump by water level.
  • an automatic pressure system detecting when tap is open and closed.
  • dry-run protection that protects pump if rainwater tank is empty.
  • if rainwater tank is empty, auto-checking every 24 hours for water.

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