Claytech CT4 Automatic Jet Pump & 18L Tank (Flow 53 LPM)

15.00 KGS
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ClayTech new CT-Series adds an energy saving pressure tank to the C-Series pump. If there is a small leak in the delivery system, water will draw from the tank until the pressure reduces to 2.2 bar. This will reduce the starts on the pump if there is a small leak in a toilet or tap.

The pump is identical to the C-series pump having standard on/off operation, LED pressure display, manual or automatic operation selection, easily cleaned pre-filter, and integrated non-return valve (easily cleaned and maintained). It is powered by a water cooled motor making it quite and able to be located in confined spaces. The pipe connection system allows for easy removal of the pump for future maintenance.

The energy saving tank is a patented design only available to ClayTech. It has a 5 year maintenance free warranty meaning that you do not need to touch it for 5 years. There is no need to add air to the tank. The unique connection method to the pump removes the need for external pipes and cables. This removes any safety issue for children and pets.

The ClayTech CT-Series combines the latest in pump technology with simple operation.

  • Power Absorbed: 600 (W)
  • Max Head: 43 m¾
  • Max Suction Lift: 8 m¾
  • Max Flow Rate: 53 LPM
  • Inlet Size: 1"
  • Outlet Size: 1"
  • Weight: 15 Kg¾

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