Davey Aquashield Centurion ASC50 Wall Mounted Filter System

41.00 KGS
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Aquashield Centurion UV Treatment Kits
This proven three stage treatment process is a pre-assembled, simple to install, wall mounted unit for treating household rain water tank supplies.

(Ideal for pumps with a flow rate of around 50 LPM)
The unit includes:
Micron 20_m filtration for sediment reduction
Micron 1_m filtration for cyst reduction
Davey Steriflo UV disinfection technology for water safety
The system offers the flexibility to:
Install with an existing pump or to a Davey home water pressure system
Installation flexibility to plumb from left to right or right to left
The surety of water disinfection for the safety of your family
Filtration and disinfection of rain water
Small and medium home potable water supply
Bore and surface water _ subject to water quality


Disinfects a maximum flow 50 Litres per minute of clear water. Includes 2 x 10 inch jumbo Filterpure housings containing 20 micron and 1 micron filters and a 50lpm Steriflo unit

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