Davey DC10M Manual Sump Pump (Flow 85 LPM)

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These pumps are ideal for applications such as:

Domestic rain or grey water for gardens
Sump emptying
Emergency household flood relief
Water transfer
Pumping in partially submerged applications

Suitable Fluids:
Clean water of neutral pH containing up to 10% of small soft organic solids (<10mm OD). Some accelerated wear should be expected while pumping hard solids in suspension.

Note: Not suitable for fish ponds or aquaculture.


Open impeller, semi-vortex, centrifugal design

• Able to pump small soft solids in suspension

• Less susceptible to blockage Hard faced silicon carbide / ceramic mechanical shaft seal in oil bath

• Added motor protection

• Long service life Corrosive resistant 304 stainless steel fasteners

• Attractive, lasting appearance Double case with full discharge flow past internal motor shell

• Able to operate in partially submerged installations

• Better motor cooling for longer life Automatic resetting thermal overload

• Protected against overloading HO7RNF oil resistant leads with 3 pin power plug

• Easy to connect to power supply

• Longer life in dirty water

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