Davey XP45P8 Jet Pump with Tank (Flow 45 LPM)

8.00 KGS
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Ideal for pressure boosting applications for:-

  • Small weekenders / cottages _ delivering pressurised water from rainwater catchment tanks
  • Caravans
  • Boats (240V A.C. power)
  • Domestic water supply¾
  • Pressure boosting¾
  • Automatic water transfer

¾Davey XP jet pressure system with Torrium controller or pressure switch options.¾ Provides constant water pressure in small homes when sourcing water from an underground or partially buried¾tank.


Single stage, jet assisted. Closed vane impeller.

304 stainless steel pump shaft. Internal check valve.

Mechanical shaft seal.

Oring casing seal.

Pressure switch control.


Davey manufactured.

2 pole, 2850rpm/50Hz or 3420rpm/60Hz.

TEFC with IP55 enclosure.

Class F insulation.

Permanently split capacitor design.

Double contact C3-HTG rated sealed ball bearings.

In-built thermal overload protection.

Plastic feet on motor shell.


Captive diaphragm design.

Heavy duty Butyl diaphragm meets health requirements for potable water applications.

Deep drawn steel shell with appliance like 2 part paint finish.


« Manufactured from quality corrosion resistant materials

« TEFC motor-corrosion resistant and excludes dust and dirt

« Motor and pump designed for frequent starts

« Discharge may be rotated through 180_ - makes plumbing easier

« Quick and easy installation

« Low maintenance

« Easy to service if required

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