Grundfos CM-PS CMB1-36 Multistage Pump (Flow 50 LPM)

35.00 KGS
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Grundfos CM-PS CMB1-36 Household Pump

The Grundfos CM Booster PS is an automatic booster system for water supply in domestic and agricultural applications as well as other installations where small leakages are expected to occur.

The booster system consists of a Grundfos CM pump,a 5-way valve and a pressure switch. A pressure tank must be fitted to complete the booster system. To select a pressure tank , choose a pressure tank from our menu category (suitable sizes would be 18 litre, 60 litre, 80 litre or 100 litre)

The pressure band is approximately 1 bar.
When the system has been connected to the pipework,it is all a matter of inserting the plug into a power supply socket, and the system is operational.

The Grundfos CM pump with a pressure tank to minimises the number of pump starts, saving on running costs

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