Lowara DOC 7VX/10 Auto Vortex Sump Pump (Flow 170 LPM)

11.00 KGS
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The Lowara DOC Series of submersible pumps for dirty water. Corrosion-resistant and compact, they come with a vortex impeller and is supplied with a float switch. Built-in capacitor. The motor is cooled by the pumped liquid and thermal overload protection to protect the pump in case of overheating.

DOC pumps are versatile, corrosion-resistant and compact. 

These pumps are excellent for a range of applications:

  • Emptying of residential sump pits, rainwater tanks or laundry drainage.

  • Garden and lawn irrigation, with suction from rainwater tanks.

  • Emergency draining of flooded basements and garages.

  • Transfer of water from tanks, cistems and swimming pools.

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