Onga IntelliMaster Variable Speed IMH1100K (Flow 150 LPM)

29.00 KGS
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NOTHING BUT THE BEST. The Intellimaster variable speed pumps are the latest innovation from Pentair Onga. Every feature of the Intellimaster pump range has been engineered to answer the needs of todayês savvy buyer; highefficiency, reliability and low maintenance.

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY & ENERGY EFFICIENT. The Intellimaster series of pumps are your perfect environment-friendly, energy saving choice. The variable speed drive adjusts the pump speed in relation to water demand; ensuring constant pressure all of the time. Consuming significantly less power when compared to a conventional fixed pump of the same size!

EASY TO INSTALL. EASY TO OPERATE. Intellimaster Kits include chosen pump model, variable speed frequency drive, five-way tee, pressure transducer and 8L pressure tank - offering the complete package for easy installation with no additional fittings required!

An ECO SELECT branded product line identifies our –greenest” and most efficient pump choices. By combining efficient pump design with gamechanging variable speed technology, the Intellimaster pump deliver fantastic energy savings while reducing consumption of valuable resources and noise pollution.


  • 16Bar Transducer, features an isolation bush to filter out any EMC interference¾
  • 5-Way Tee, Stainless steel tee with built-in non-return valve¾
  • Large LCD Display, Easy to read and operate (current, frequency, pressure) with the touch of a button
  • Pressure Guage, Monitor pressure at a glance¾
  • Full Stainless Steel Wet End, For robustness and reliability¾

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