Onga JSP120 Household Pressure Pump (Flow 90 LPM)

11.00 KGS
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The Onga JSP120 is an automatic pressure pump equiped with a automatic electronic pressure control, and loss of prime protection which prevents dry running. The JSP120 is designed for situations requiring strong, constant pressure. These pumps also have stainless steel casings and precision moulded internals. 

The JSP120 is ideal for running up to 5 taps at once. 


The Onga JSP120 is ideal for a automatic domestic water pressure system, or the need for high suction lift situations.

Motor / power: 750W
Max. flow:  90 litres / minute
Taps: 5 taps
Head: 44m
Suction hose diameter: 1.25_ / 32mm
Discharge hose diameter: 1_ / 25mm
Operating Pressure: 210kPa
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Warranty on pump: 2 Years

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