Onga JSP45 & Pump Cover Package

19.00 KGS
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The Onga JSP45 (was JSM100 / JSP100) is an automatic pressure pump equiped with a automatic electronic pressure control, and loss of prime protection which prevents dry running. The JSP45 is designed for situations requiring strong, constant pressure. These pumps also have stainless steel casings and precision moulded internals. 

The JSP45 is ideal for running up to 3 taps at once. It has a max flow rate of 43 LPM

Pump Cover Features:

  • Matching base included

  • Lightweight: cover = 2.7kgs, Base = 1.6kgs (a concrete base of similar dimensions will weigh upwards of 24kg).

    Available in the following colours :-  Cream / Heritage Red / Rivergum Green / Charcoal

  • UV Stabilised

  • Water resistant cooling vents create a natural thermal convection preventing equipment overheat.

  • Easy to follow cut and snap pipe entry points.

  • Emergency water duct allowing water to escape in case of pipe failure.

  • Multiple footing points to secure cover to base.

  • Stylish design means no more rusty steel or unsightly bulky covers.

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