Pentair Emergency Flutbox Flood Kit

15.00 KGS
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Leaving the last flood behind means facing the next one! The Flood Emergency Kit is powerful, durable and tackles the problem. The “Flut­box” helps people who are affected by flood water to react quickly and efficiently. Just put the carrying cage containing the pump on the ground and pump the water out of the building via the canvas lay flat hose.


Drainage of flood waters including (faecal free) lightly polluted water, removed from the carrying cage the pump can be utilised for many purposes including but not limited to; rainwater, grey water and dirty water sources such as ponds.

Key Features 

U5KS pump;

  • 10/20mm free passage (when removable strainer has been detached.)

  • continuous operation

  • low level pumping

  • flushing device

  • moisture sealed cable inlet

  • carrying cage

  • 38mm canvas lay flat hose by 12.5m with Storz coupling

  • built-in level control.


2 year warranty       

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