Davey SJ35-04PC Silver Series Jet Pump (Flow 50 LPM)

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While the domestic backyard may not be as harsh as the Australian outback, Davey know that reliability is always important.  These stainless steel jet pumps are manufactured to the exacting standards that Davey has established for all of their products to provide you with a dependable, value for money investment.


  • Household gardening and domestic water supply
  • Farming and agricultural water systems
  • Irrigation and turf watering systems
  • Automatic general water transfer

Pump Features:

  • Single stage jet assisted centrifugal pump: Higher operating pressures, Less moving parts for increased dependability, Self priming for easier installation
  • Corrosion resistant and stainless steel pump components: Longer life when pumping a variety of water qualities, Reduced friction within the casing and impellers
  • High quality purpose built 2 pole, 50Hz, IP55 TEFC pump motors, designed to Davey’s high quality specifications with: Permanent split capacitor starting for dependable and frequent starting every time, In-built thermal overload for long motor life and protection against motor damage due to jamming, High quality sealed bearings for longer life ,Fitted with a power lead and three pin plug for ease of connection to power supply , Resists ingress of dust and dirt
  • Hydraulic assembly attached to motor bracket at 8 points with oring seal to the stainless steel pump casing: Better sealing , Longer service life
  • Designed with the serviceman and installer in mind: Suction and discharge are close for easier installation , Quality components throughout for long life and easier maintenance
  • Every pump is performance and pressure tested in the factory to ensure quality and reliability.
Press Control Features :

  • In-built check valve for easier installation.
  • In-built spring & diaphragm shock absorber: No need for pressure tanks on many installations
  • No adjustments for operation: Constant non-cycling pump operation
  • Solid state electronic control circuit with “tropicalisation” treatment: Longer life
  • Loss of prime protection: Saves pump from damage when water supplies run out

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Voltage: 240V
Phase: Single
Speed: 2900rpm
Supply frequency: 50Hz
Max. load current: 2.35A
Kw (P1)/(P2):0.53 / 0.37
Capacitor: 13μF
Protection: IP55
Insulation Class: Class F
Flow capacities: 80Lpm
Pressure heads up to: 42m
Max. operating pressure: 600Kpa
Max. incoming (suction) pressure: 140Kpa
Dimensions (LxWxH): 355mm x 170mm x 323mm
Weight: 7.0kg


Tags: Jet Pump, Presscontrol Controller, Up to 3 Taps


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