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October - 2022 - Grundfos Review Rewards Promotion

The Grundfos Review Rewards Promotion is available from October 2022 to March 2023. You can receive a $100 VISA Card by purchasing a CM Booster Self priming and submitting a review on, Or a $50 VISA Card by purchasing a CM Booster or Jet Pump model and submitting a review on

October - 2019 - DAB E.Sybox Variable Speed Household Pump Cashback Promotion.

 Receive a pre-paid VISA card worth up to $100 when you purchase a DAB ESYBOX or DAB ESYBOX Mini model. From the 1st of October 2019 to the 31st of December 2019, simply purchase one of these models (DAB ESYBOX or ESYBOX MINI) and receive a Pre paid Visa Card. The DAB ESYBOX MINI model receives a $50 pre-paid Visa Card, and the DAB ESYBOX recieves a $100 pre-paid Visa Card. Card must be claimed before the 31st of January 2020. For full terms and conditions and to claim your pre-paid VISA Card, visit (proof of purchase is required)

June - 2019 - Just Water Pumps launch our new website.!

The team at Just Water Pumps are excited to launch our new website. Some new added features like in depth buyers guides to help with pump selection and a even bigger range of pumps have been added. Browse our new website today...

September – 2018 – Davey Offer a cashback sale on selected Davey Firefighter Pump Models.!

Get ready for bushfire season with a cashback offer on selected Davey Firefighter Pumps $50 cash back on 5155H and 5165H $100 cash back on 5255H and 5265H This offer applies to Davey Firefighter Sales from all Australian Davey Dealers from 17th September - 30th November 2018. Full Davey Firefighter Cashback details can be found here :-

June - 2018 - Just Water Pumps adds the popular Claytech water pump range to our site.!

Claytech Pumps, is a recognized brand leader in the Australian market for domestic, industrial and agricultural pumps. With quality and reliability a strong focus, these Italian made pumps have found a ready market. View the Claytech range of pumps here :- Claytech Pumps

May - 2018 - Davey launch their 'Dam Good Davey Deals' promotion.!

Davey Pumps latest promotion is there 'Dam Good Davey Deals' offer - Valid until 31st of May -2018, Davey selected models are eligible when purchased for the chance to win some fantastic prizes. Full details can be viewed here :-

October - 2017 - Davey bring back there popular 'Double Warranty' offer on selected models.!

Valid until December - 2017, you can take advantage of Davey's popular 'Double Warranty Offer' on a whole rnage of different models. The applicable household pressure pump models are HP45-05T, HP65-06T, HP85-08T, HM60-08T, HM90-11T, HM160-15T, HM160-19T, HS50-06T, HS60-08T, XJ50T, XJ70T, XJ90T, XP45T.  The rainwater harvesing models are KRB1, KRB2, KRB3. The firefighter pump models are 5150HD, 5155H, 5165H, 5255H, 5265H. Pool pump models available for the double warranty are : PMECO2, PMECO, PM200SV, PM400PV. You will need to register your pump after purchasing at

June - 2016 - Davey announce specials deals and double warranty on selected models.!

Great deals and bonus double warranty promo is on at your participating Master Dealer until 31st Aug 2016. For the full list of participating products and to register for your double warranty visit

November - 2015 - Onga launch their new look Website.!

Onga's new website provides a useful, informative portal for customers to get to know all the Onga products just a little better! The new website offers modern design, easy-to-navigate functionality and a content-rich site experience. A resource library including brochures, spare parts breakdowns, technical data sheets and owner’s manuals of our entire pump range are now just a click away; in addition to this current news, promotions and new / featured products will be continually updated. Check out Onga's new website here :-

August - 2015 - Davey Water Products announce the arrival of their latest high efficiency ProMaster® VSD Eco-series pool pump.!

This new Innovative pool pump is packed with fantastic features. Features include:- Super Quiet - Down to 50dBa, Full 10 Speed Variable Control - From 1500rpm to 3600rpm,  Power Saving “8 Star” Efficiency - Saves up to 70% off your energy bill,  Easy to Install, Set & Operate - No complicated push button digital controls, Backwash Mode - Safe and convenient for pool owners & operators,  Vacon Drive - High quality variable frequency drive developed in conjunction with Vacon, world leaders in AC drive and inverter technology, Patented “Water Cooled” Technology - Returns waste heat to the pool, improves efficiency, reduces noise and no cooling fan means reduced installation clearances,  Suits Pools - From 40,000 to 90,000 litres. This new Innovative ProMaster® Pool Pump is available NOW! 

July - 2015 - Davey Water Products announce the arrival of the new PoolSweepa® Suction Cleaner.!

This fantastic new cleaner is very competitively priced and has all the functionality and features needed to keep your pool clean and crystal clear. Features include:- Light weight design for rapid and smooth movement across the pool floor and walls, Covers pools up to 10 metres in length, Recommended for in-ground and above-ground pools, Climbs walls and is suitable for inclined floors, Large circular deflector and weighted bumper to navigate around steps, ladders and corners in even the most complex pools, Low maintenance set and forget, Bonus replacement diaphragm.
June - 2015 - Davey's Range of Eco-Pure Media Filter Tanks upgrade to a 7 Year Warranty.!
Davey Water Products has updated its warranty period on residential EcoPure Media Filter Tanks. This change is being implemented to provide ongoing surety and confidence to the users of the Davey EcoPure product range and to the wider swimming pool industry. Therefore effective immediately, for all new purchases of EcoPure Media Filter Tanks, we are pleased to advise that Davey will be moving the warranty from 5 years to 7 years for residential applications.  These models being:
  • MPE21MK11     -           21” with a 40mm 6 Way Multiport Valve
  • MPE25MK11     -           25” with a 40mm 6 Way Multiport Valve
  • M7999ECO        -           28” with a 50mm 6 Way Multiport Valve
  • M8003ECO        -           32” with a 50mm 6 Way Multiport Valve
  • M8004ECO        -           36” with a 50mm 6 Way Multiport Valve
  • M8005ECO        -           40” with a 50mm 6 Way Multiport Valve

Note: The 6 way Multiport Valve & Gauge will continue to carry a 2 year warranty

April - 2015 - Davey's New & Improved Silensor Pool Pumps.!

The new and improved Davey Silensor range offers super quiet, smooth operation with its unique water cooled technology, capturing motor noise and vibration. It comes with dry run protection, rust proof casing and large 4.5 Litre leaf basket. In addition to these features Davey have also improved the ease or serviceability, impeller strength & alignment, Lid Seals, and a new motor shell protection coating. You can view Davey's range of Silensor pumps here :- Davey Silensor Pool Pumps.

March - 2015 - Grundfos bring back their Double Warranty Offer.!

Grundfos Australia have brought back their double warranty offer at no extra cost on elgible products for a limited time. Promotion vaild from 1/03/2015 to 29/02/2016.  Included models in the promotion are CM-PS, CM Booster Self Priming, CME Booster, CM Basic, SB, SPO, SB with PM Rain, JP with PM Rain, JPRain, MQ, Unilift, Sololift. These models have a standard 2 year warranty period, upgradable to 4 years after completing the online registration form. Full terms and conditions visit the Grundfos site.

Oct - 2014 - Davey Pumps announce their 'Extended Warranty on all Torruim controlled models'.!

Purchase a Davey Pump with a Torruim controller between the 1st Of October (2014) and the end Of December (2014) from one of their master dealers, and you are eligable to claim a extra years warranty of the pump and controller, taking it from a two year warranty to three years. Registration details can be found here :-

Sept -2014 - Bianco Pumpz add a new stainless steel jet pump to their Range.!

White International is pleased to announce a new product range to our BIANCO PUMPZ range. This new Stainless Steel Self Priming Jet Pump and Pressure System range of pumps will complement their existing BIA-INOX range of pumps. As a result of this new addition, they have decided to discontinue the Universal branded UP Jet Pump/Pressure system range. These new models can be found under our Bianco Household Pump Range.

Sept - 2014 - Onga Pumps announce the release of the new Onga SSS Series Pumps.!

Onga Pumps (Pentair) have released their new SSS Series of pumps, consisting of 304 stainless steel casing and shaft to ensure reliability. These pumps are an ideal choice for applications including dairy wash down, irrigation, water transfer, industrial and mild chemical use.

Sept - 2014 - Davey Pumps announce their new 'Spend & Win' Competition.!

Davey Pumps new competition, effective from 15th of August to the 31st Of December, spend $500.00 on any Davey Pool & Spa product, and have the chance to win some amazing prices. 1st prize is a Leisuretime SwinSpa worth $18,500. For full details visit

Sept - 2014 - Onga Pumps announce a price increase - Effective 1st of October.!

Onga Pumps (Pentair)  have annouced that their product range will be having a price increase, effective from the 1st of October -2014.

Aug - 2014 - Davey Pumps celebrate their 80th year with a Facebook promotion.!

To help promote Davey's 80th year, they are running a Facebook promotion running until 22nd August 2014 across Australia & New Zealand. Consumers are invited to comment on the Davey image to be eligible to win a gift card. Visit their Facebook Page for full details.

Aug - 2014 - Just Water Pumps adds Shurflo Pumps to their online range.!

Since 1968, SHURFLO® has produced small high performance pumps and fluid handling equipment, systems and accessories for the Recreational Vehicle, Marine, Industrial and Floor care industries. Check out a new Shurflo Range of pumps here :- Shurflo Pump Range

July - 2014 - Grundfos $20 Gift Card Give Away.!

Do you own a Grundfos CM Booster Pump.? Be one of the first 100 people to submit a video, and you will be sent a $20 Wish Gift Card. If your video is selected as the winning entry, you will win a spot for two on an organised group trip tp the 2015 F1 Malaysian Grand Prix. Go to for full details.

July - 2014 - Davey Pumps release two floatless Rainbank Models.!

Davey Pumps have released two floatless Rainbank models for any surface mounted applications where the lowest tank water level can be higher than the top of the pump. When properly installed it will prime every time, and if need be a float can be added later. Check out these new models here :- Davey Rainbank models.

June - 2014 - Davey Pumps and Grundfos Pump both announce prices increases.!

Both Davey Pumps and Grundfos Pumps have annouced that their product range will be having a price increase, effective from the 1st of July -2014.

May - 2014 - Bianco Pumps Australia Celebrate 10 Years.!

Bianco Pumps Australia are celebrating 10 Years in Australia, and they are offering special pricing on their household pump range until July 31st -2014. Check our special pricing on selected models under our 'Hot Deals' Category.

April - 2014 - Grundfos continue their Double Warranty offer.!

Grundfos Australia are continuing their double warranty offer at no extra cost on elgible products for a limited time. Included in the promotion is the popular CMB and CME range of household pressure pumps. The CMB and CME have a standard 2 year warranty period, upgradable to 4 years after completing the online registration form. Full terms and conditions visit the Grundfos site.

March - 2014 - Grundfos Pumps offer a new range of Household Booster Pumps that are self priming.!

The new Grundfos CM Booster Self-Priming pumps are the perfect solution if you are struggling with insufficient mains pressure, and can also be used with above or below ground water sources.

Dec - 2013 - DAB Pumps offer a new range of variable speed E.Sybox pumps.!

The new E.Sybox is a revolutionary, compact, self priming multisatge booster pump equipped with a variable speed control providing constant pressure on demand. The feature packed E.Sybox is suitable for pressure boosting from rainwater tanks and does not require any additional components for installation.

Nov - 2013 - Save up to 70% of running costs of a pool pump.!

Save up 70% of the running costs of a pool pump by buying a multispeed or variable speed pool pump. Reducing the flow rate by 50% reduces the energy used by 87%. So if you reduce your flow rate from 300 lpm to 150 lpm with a variable or multispeed pump, you can get half the flow rate for only 13% of the energy. So that means you can run the pump for twice as long at 150 lpm and only use 26% of the energy you would have used to deloiver a flow of 300%. Davey range of ECO pool pumps are a great choice for replacing your pool pump with a multispeed or variable speed pump.

October - 2013 - Lowara launch new energy efficient multi stage pump.!

The Lowara new e-HM series is a new range of stainless steel, horizontal, multi-satge pumps, designed for commercial industrial and residential applications which boost superior performance and efficiency characteristics which significantly lower lifecycle costs and increased energy savings.

June - 2013 - Grundfos offer Double Warranty.!

Grundfos Australia are offering double warranty at no extra cost on elgible products for a limited time. Included in the promotion is the popular CMB and CME range of household pressure pumps. The CMB and CME have a standard 2 year warranty period, upgradable to 4 years after completing the online registration form. Full terms and conditions visit the Grundfos site.