Household Pressure Pumps

Looking for a compact and robust household pressure pump for your domestic or light commercial applications, we have a huge range of quality brand household pressure pumps.  Household Pumps fall into four main categories :-
  • Multistage Household Pumps - This type of pump is the most popular as it provides great pressure and flow for a household application, and are very efficient. They are ideal for medium to large homes, and long runs of piping
  • Jet Household Pumps - Jet Pumps are self priming which are ideal for long and difficult suction applications, like sucking from a dam or creek, they are less efficient but handle air a lot better than the other household pump types
  • Variable Speed Pumps - This type of pump is the latest type, its new technology, bringing different types of household pumps together with a variable speed motor, which is by far the most efficient and energy saving type on the market. The variable speed motor will only run at the required speed needed when pumping saving on electricity costs
  • Submersible Household Pumps - A pump that can be in your tank or down a bore, most models available will be a multistage type as they need to provide good pressure to pump straight up before pumping around the house.

Pump Capacity

Taps Applications
25 -35 LPM 2 - 3 Garden taps, less than 200 metres of dripper line, Cottages & Weekenders
35 - 50 LPM 3 - 5 Single Story Homes with modern appliances,  dripper lines >200 metres and 1 - 2 sprinklers
50 - 90 LPM 5 - 6 Double Story Homes, pop-up sprinklers, long runs of piping.
90 LPM & Above  6 - 8 Multiple story buildings, garden/irrigation, very long runs of piping.
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