Grundfos Comfort UP15-14BA PM GB Circulator Pump

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The Grundfos UP 15-14BA PM (80) COMFORT circulator pump is the successor to the UP 15-14B (80). The "BA - AUTOADAPT" is a brass secondary hot water service circulator, designed for

  • domestic hot-water systems in single and two family houses
  • small heating systems
  • cooling and air-conditioning systems

The Grundfos COMFORT PM range sets new standards for energy-efficient hot water recirculation in domestic homes. Thanks to a low noise permanent magnet motor, energy consumption is reduced to as little as 5 to 8 Watts, while the superior AUTOADAPT function found on the BA PM model, ensures that the pump runs only when required, which minimises both heat and power waste. The result is maximum comfort with a minimum of water, heat and electricity consumption. 

The pump is suitable for open and closed systems however, it must be installed indoors and should only be fitted into pressurised hot water circulation systems.


Instant hot water has been the popular characteristic of the Grundfos' COMFORT pump. Now, we take the solution one step further with the introduction of the new high efficient COMFORT PM pump with AUTOADAPT. The intelligent AUTOADAPT function learns the consumption pattern of the household and adapts the domestic hot water supply to it. Tapping data is stored in an integrated calendar each time a hot water tapping occurs. This is done by means of the external sensor that detects each time hot water is tapped.

The calendar stores 14 days of information and is continuously updated. In so doing the demand for circulation in-between tappings is reduced to an average running time of 3 hours resulting in electrical savings of up to 96% and heat energy savings of up to 48% compared to a conventional hot water recirculation pump.

The COMFORT range is designed for re-circulation of domestic hot water in one family houses. The COMFORT PM range is the high efficiency choice with an energy usage of only 5-8,5 W. The intelligent COMFORT AUTO ADAPT PM automatically adapts to the individual hot water consumption pattern in the household and only runs when hot water is needed.

  • High efficiency ECM Technology 
  • Energy usage 5-8,5 W 
  • Alpha plug 
  • Dry running protection 
  • 3 operation modes -3 pumps in 1 
  • Backwards compatible 
  • Average running time 3 hours resulting in savings of up to 96% electrical energy and 48% heat energy compared to conventional hot water re-circulation pumps
  • Disinfection and flushing function 
  • Holiday mode



  • Pump housing: Brass MS 68
  • Impeller: Stainless steel, EPDM, PPO, PTFE, Graphite


  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Pipe connection: G 1/2
  • Port-to-port length: 80 mm


  • Pumped liquid: Water
  • Liquid temperature range: 2 .. 95 °C
  • Liquid temp: 60 °C
  • Density: 983.2 kg/m³ Kinematic viscosity: 1 mm²/s

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