Why is Maintaining your Bore Important..??

Why is Maintaining your Bore Important..??

8th Jul 2021

You probably hear time and time again how important maintaining your bore water system is, the big question is why.? How do you benefit from it.?

All bores are unique, they are drilled in different formations, effected by different contaminants and are different depths but they do have some things in common.

Many bores and pumps fail because they are either not maintained correctly or changes within the bore are so gradual they go unnoticed until its too late and has caused damage to the pump.

The complexity of issues within bores do vary but each problem will cause inconvenience and financially impact the bore owner. Problems such as clogging, silt/clay infiltration, chemical encrustation, reduction in the water table, structural failure and water entry issues.

One of the most common issues is iron build up. iron causes blockages in your bore and pipework and can easily damage your pump if left untreated. Iron also ruins everything it comes into contact with leaving unsightly orange and brown staining.

The easy solution to iron build up is Puretec's "Boresafe" iron build cleaner, as the name suggests it is a safe and easy product to apply. Boresafe is also a biodegradable chemical designed specifically to break down the iron build up in the bore itself, the bore pump and pipework.

Boresafe eliminates rusty slime, unpleasant odours, orange brown staining and other deposits. It breaks down the iron so that the water can flow freely again and it reduces the strain that blockages can put on your pump.

As part of the monitoring and maintenance of any bore, its important to know what contaminants are in your water and a water analysis should always be done as part of this process.

At high levels, iron needs to be treated with an iron removal treatment system. Water that contains bacterial iron also requires pretreatment. Using the information gathered from you and your water analysis, the products offered by Puretec can help maintain your bore and give you confidence in the quality of your water.