Davey 95S Shallow Well Jet Pressure Pump (With Pressure Switch & Injector) (Flow 95 LPM)

41.00 KGS
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The Davey 95s Shallow Well Pressure Pump is a rugged reliable single stage centrifugal pump with inbuilt injectors, driven by Davey's TEFC motor. The Davey 95s Pump is fitted with a pressure switch for easy conversion to automatic operation. Shallow Well Jet pumps are ideal for supplying high pressure water from surface or shallow ground water supplies down to 7.5metres depth for: 

Water supply 
Tank filling 
Stock watering 
Sprinkler supply

Made in Australia to the highest standards, you can depend on Davey's rugged pumps to perform day after day, year after year. The high TEFC - IP rating on this pump ensures long term protection from vermin, dust and water. The 95S Pump has a marine grade aluminimum pump body with Rislan lining, manufactured from the highest quality corrosion resistant materials.

Features of this reliable pump include:
-Motor and pump are designed for frequent starts providing a long and reliable working life 
-Every pump is performance and pressure tested in our factory to ensure quality and reliability 
-Unique composite casing made from a marine grade aluminium pump body with Rilsan lining is a proven robust pump design for long life 
-Interchangable - choice of colour coded jet and venturi kits to easliy match pump performance to required duty 
-Pressure switch and pressure gauge fitted to enable easy conversion to automatic operation (pressure tank required) 

Davey's Shallow Well Jet Pumps and pressure systems are designed operate from surface water or shallow wells of up to 7.5m. They are ideal for cleaning up flood waters or pumping from shallow streams. They can be used in conjuction with a pressure tank (available for purchase seperately) 

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