Davey Presscontrol Controller

9.00 KGS
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Presscontrol controllers are electronic pressure switches with integral dry running protection and non-return valve. They will start a pump immediately when a valve in the pipe system is opened and stop the pump immediately when the valve is closed, or if the pump runs dry. They can be fitted directly to any surface mounted pump, or in the delivery line of any submersible that operates within the rated pressure and flow specifications. Suitable for pumps with 240v motors that do not exceed 1.5kW. The column of water between the switch and the highest outlet must not exceed 15 metres (1.5bar), otherwise the system pressure may not fall to the pre-set –cut in” pressure and the system will not restart. They must be operated vertically. This control is pre-set at factory, so no additional programming is required/possible on installation. Presscontrol TIME has an auto reset fitted.

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