Davey Supercell 60P (60 Litre) Pressure Tank

21.00 KGS
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Robust hydro-pneumatic water pressure vessels of captive diaphragm design.

The new Davey Supercell "P" range of tanks are the direct replacement for the older Davey Supercell "C"  range of tanks.

Features & Benefits:

  • Captive diaphragm held firmly in a central position restricts movement allowing use of a thicker diaphragm material than a bag or bladder tank for longer life.

  • Heavy duty butyl diaphragm meets EEC requirements for potable water applications providing safe non toxic water storage.

  • Safe potable grade epoxy coating seals the water from the tank shell for long life.

  • Deep drawn steel shell with appliance like enamel finish protects against rusting for long life.

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