Davey Supercell 80F (80 Litre) Pressure Tank

31.00 KGS
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Davey Supercell 80F (80 Litre) Fibreglass Pressure Tank

Supercell F tanks can be used as storage units for water under pressure in:-
« Household, farm or industrial water pressure systems
« Hydronic heating system expansion tanks
« Water hammer arrestor systems
All •non-metalê wet internals, including inlet, makes Supercell F ideal for aggressive waterand/or environments. Patented CAD2 captive diaphragm held firmly in a central position:
« Less movement allowing use of a thicker reinforced diaphragm material than a bag or bladder tank for longer life. Diaphragm and liner design dramatically reduces the opportunity for condensation inside the air chamber.
Heavy duty butyl diaphragm meets all major worldwide requirements for potable water applications:
« Safe, non-toxic.
Safe potable grade virgin polypropylene liner sealsthe water from the tank shell:
« Longer tank life
« Specific wear areas reinforced for longer lifeof internal parts. Unique composite tank with smooth wear resistant polypropylene internal shell and strong, durable fibreglass outer shell:
« Long service life
« Ideal for aggressive water.
Every tank is individually tested:
« Guaranteed reliable operation
Compliance with the strict requirements of ISO 9001, NSF Standard 61, CE/PED, WRAS and Gost quality standards:
« Consistency of the product


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